Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Class Playtesting

 This week was dedicated to adjusting the rules of our game and also creating the board itself.  Our group worked very well together and we were able to collectively come up with appropriate rules for our game.  Issues with the amount of peg slots did arise but this was resolved through play testing. There was one major issue that came up early on and that was the fact that our game was not as interactive as we hoped for.  There was no incentive for players to place their pegs on someone else’s “pathway”.  After a lot of thinking, this issue was resolved and the game became interactive again.  In today’s class we had a different group of people play our game.  The major issue for our game was the mathematical aspect of the board itself.  The prices to buy the buildings were too high and the costs to place one peg on the board were also too high.  Players quickly ran out of money.  This slowed the game down and took a lot of the fun out of the game.  Once we adjusted the numbers, the game ran smoothly.  


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