Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Putting Brainstorms to Work

The group has been coming up with a great deal of different ideas for the game.  We have been re-editing them constantly because of the problems we've been facing even though we haven't successfully played through it just yet.
Because of the complex nature of the game, there are many technical issues to need to be fixed.
For example, we were having a hard time deciding how players would fairly have priority over another player, and be able to light up a building.  We did however, decide on a more effective method that includes more player-to-player interaction and increases competition amongst players.  Also, the point system is not definite yet because we are unsure of how easy or hard it will be to obtain a certain amount of E cards, and obtain buildings in general.  There are many options to fix all the issues but we came to the conclusion that they will not be able to be fixed and finalized until we can successfully finish one round of the game.
The light bright piece were ordered off of amazon and luckily came just in time for this week's class. There were less of each color than we had originally expected but are hoping that there will be enough. In a worst case situation, we will probably have to order more to compensate for the lack of pieces.
Many aspects of the game are very ambitious and although they are very possible, some of us are starting to worry maybe there isn't enough time to accomplish all of the goals we had set for this game.  However, we are remaining positive and hopeful.
Meeting up has still been a bit of an issue, because many of us work and our class schedules consistently conflict with one another.  This has definitely caused there to be many gaps in our work and so we have decided to meet up twice in this upcoming week to make up for lost time.
We have yet to place the landmarks on the map, but a temporary general outline of the map has been created:

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