Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Chosen Ones...

This week in class our second groups that will be collaborating together to create the board games were revealed. Our group consists of Nicole, Olivia, Lisa and Christian and we will be working on Christian's design proposal entitled "Circuit Break". The game has an elaborate yet interesting concept in which players will be challenged to build electrical circuits to various landmarks across the game board, which is modeled after New York City. Upon acquiring these landmarks, players are then allowed to provide electrical power to that landmark. Once the entire city is lit, the game ends and a point system will declare a winner. The concept drew from a number of inspirations including Monopoly, Ticket to Ride and Pipeline. The initial concept was well praised by the group and a number of beneficial suggestions were made right from the start. Nicole made a great suggestion to use a mechanism similar to Ticket to Ride's color cards, that allow players to build the circuit to certain buildings as well as a point system for each landmark (For example, the Empire State Building would require more "cards" to build a circuit to it however it will be worth more points). Lisa made another suggestion, instead of players making their own circuits and wires being tangled on top of the board, that they should be pre-wired underneath the board and all players would have to do is connect a light and battery. Additionally Olivia made another great suggestion to create another means for players to earn points similar to having the "longest road" or "largest army" in Settlers of Catan. Overall, it was a very successful first meeting and we concluded by exchanging contacts and creating a GroupMe.

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